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Telepeaje o Telepeaje Dinamico

The Telepeaje or Telepeaje Dinamico is the most modern system of payment in the toll highways. This system allows to pay the toll without stopping in the toll station. It consists of the identification of the user who passes through a determined lane of the toll station thanks to a small transmitter installed in the vehicle. This transmitter is recognized by an antenna placed in the lanes that accept this system of payment. This small transmitter receives different denominations: OBE (On Board Equipment), TAG, Teletac, OBU (On Board Unit), etc. The concessionary societies of toll highways have reached an agreement by which they are developing a unique service of Telepeaje in all Spain that is denominated:

The general driving regulations includes two new traffic signals that identify the toll lanes and obliges whoever is going to pay with this method to be equipped with a valid OBE. The official signs, that are reproduced hereunder, represent a white T in three bodies on a blue base.

The round signal identifies the lanes in the toll station where the Telepeaje is the only system of payment and that such lanes are dedicated lanes.

The rectangular signal indicates that the route thus indicated is a mixed route, in which you can find both the Telepeaje method of payment as well as other methods that are specified.

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